Why NJ Solar Power from Verengo Solar Makes Good Financial Sense

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Choosing solar power comes down to consumers saving money on their electric bills while owning an eco-friendly home. If homeowners are paying $100 or more each month for electricity, they can usually save at least a portion of this with NJ solar power from Verengo Solar.

Saving Money with Solar Energy

Even consumers who finance the overall costs of their solar panel system will generally see a savings. The total cost of their loan payment and a lower bill for electricity is in some cases lower than their original New Jersey utility electric bills. This means that they start saving right away and the system eventually pays for itself.

Some homeowners have earned back two or three times the initial cost of their solar system. Lower electric bills and systems that pay for themselves over time are two reasons why installing NJ solar power from Verengo Solar is a smart investment.

What Consumers Can Expect from Their Solar System

Homeowners who install solar panels will experience lower utility bills, since the solar system powers their homes without as much electricity purchased from their local utility company.

Consumers with new solar arrays will usually quality for federal tax credits and state rebates. Their solar energy company can help them to find the energy incentive plans for which they are qualified. These rebates and tax credits help to pay for a good portion of a homeowner’s NJ solar power from Verengo Solar.

Solar energy gives homeowners protection again rate hikes from utility companies, too. They are effectively cutting the cost of electricity for their home. Since the installation of a New Jersey solar energy system is a fixed price, homeowners will see their savings increase even as utility rates are rising.

Utility rate hikes are more common than any consumer would like. NJ solar power from Verengo Solar gives homeowners a hedge against these higher rates. States like New Jersey, New York and California see some of the highest rate increases every year.

More Benefits of Going Solar

A solar energy system increases the value of the home on which it is installed. It also reduces the yearly operating costs for a home. It offers homeowners energy independence, since they will no longer be dependent on foreign energy sources. Solar energy is used right where it is made, so there is no fee to get it to a consumer’s house.

Net metering is another benefit for homeowners who install solar energy systems. This is available in almost all states, and it effectively spins consumers’ electric meters backwards. When homeowners use net metering, their electric meter tracks their net power use, spinning in a forward direction when they use electricity from their utility company and backwards when their NJ solar power from Verengo Solar generates more power than they need.

Further Incentives of Solar Energy

Public utility companies have rebate systems that help homeowners pay for percentages of their solar panels and installation. Depending on the state in which they live, additional state incentives are available.

Solar energy is also an important way to protect the environment. Most of the electricity in the United States is made from burning coal. This emits pollutants directly into the atmosphere. On the other hand, NJ solar power from Verengo Solar comes from a renewable, clean source, which is the sun.

Reliability is another important aspect of solar energy systems. Well-built panels that are installed properly can be expected to generate power for homeowners for decades. Solar energy companies in New Jersey have certified installers who know exactly how the systems work. They are ready to come to consumers’ homes and determine their exact energy needs, and they will install a suitable system for them. In this way, homeowners can take full advantage of the sun as their major power source.

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