Unified Focus on Business Strategic Planning with Enterprise Software Suites

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Unified Focus on Business Strategic Planning with Enterprise Software Suites

Enterprise Software Packages
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The organizations that participate in markets today are quite complex. They have a multiplicity of strands of operation that require commitment in order to deliver consistent profitability. This then leaves a gaping hole in terms of uniting all the various strands of the business processes that will go on in that company.

That is why the enterprise software is bought in the form of specific packages. These enterprise software packages will be able to do most of the process tasks that are required by all sectors of the business. Rather than localize the technological solutions, they will create a global system. This article aims to look at some of the advantages of such enterprise software suites.

The Advantages of Enterprise Software Suites

  1. They tend to create a unity of purpose in the functionality of the organization. Although each department will have some issues that are specific to it, the availability of a unified enterprise software suite will emphasize the universality of their purpose. It also means that there is renewed focus on the strategic business plan instead of the local issues that have little bearing outside the small circle of operatives.
  2. With the enterprise software suites, the enterprise does not need to worry about piecemeal purchases. Rather than spending money buying a selection of localized technology solutions, they will merely have to concentrate on one unified source that is able to bring great benefits to the organization in both the short and long term. Experience indicates that such purchases attract very large discounts that go towards an improvement in the profitability of the company.
  3. When one is dealing with problems that are associated with a particular enterprise software package, they do not have to go over the issues once again. The correction of the problem takes on strategic dimensions that go beyond the mere firefighting of departmental issues. The team that is dealing with the enterprise software will deal with all problems in one swoop instead of breaking it down to smaller parts that may not bear much resemblance to the strategic issues. This can save costs and ensure that the enterprise software project is always contributing to the bottom line.

Some Disadvantages of Enterprise Software Suites

  1. The creation of large databases opens up the possibility that any compromise of the information strands will take on a global dimension. If there is a virus it will be very difficult to contain it because all the sectors will be connected. All that a rogue element requires is once access point and they can effectively bring down the company. In any case research has shown that larger databases tend to be very difficult to manager because of the complexity of information that they hold.
  2. Focusing on global issues alone can be problematic because it prevents the development of local competencies that are crucial for the effective administration of an organization. If the issues are local there might be a very good argument for not globalizing them.
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