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Enterprise Software Best Practice – Supporting Multiplicity Of Functions

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Enterprise Software with Quickbooks
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If one wants to see how enterprise software solutions can work effectively, they need not look further than Quickbooks.  This particular package is meant to work within accounting but the practices that it illustrates can be applied to any industry. This essay is all about learning from the success story that is Quickbooks.

The program displays all the characteristics of a successful enterprise software program. Version number ten point zero in particular has built a reputation for effective and efficient services. Some of the qualities that are found within this system can be applied to almost any other software package.

The Good Practices in Enterprise Software

  1. The package must be relatively easy to use. The complex enterprise software programs do nothing but satisfy their creators to the detriment of the functionality itself. It must be remembered that not everyone is a computer expert. Therefore the creation of complex systems might not aid the cause of improving business processes. Efficiency in enterprise software programs is not equivalent to complexity. In fact the two might have opposite effects.
  2. When implementing a enterprise software program, it must be a priority to ensure that there can be a seamless transition between the old systems and the new systems. The transitional requirements might include the need to train members of staff on how to use the new systems. If the conversion can be achieved automatically, the costs of the new enterprise software program will be drastically reduced. It is also likely to encounter less resistance if the transition has not suffered many hiccups.
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  4. The new enterprise software program must be able to support a multiplicity of functions. These days the business processed demand more than one activity at a time and therefore the technology has to allow different parts of the company to work simultaneously. The Quickbooks example is verified by the use of multiple currencies which allow for the business to internationalize their operations. The modern world expects its employees to multi task and likewise it is a desirable element of the enterprise software program that it can support this type of functionality.
  5. One should be able to get a certain level of security within the enterprise software program. At a time when computer viruses are on the rise, it will be a significant object for the software to ensure that the organization is sufficiently protected from the machinations of the rogue elements within the online market. This is both an internal and external objective that can be outsourced. In fact the security features might be allowed in at a later stage after the initial installation.
  6. Reporting requirements within the enterprise software allow senior management personnel to keep an eye on the progress of the tool and how it interacts with other parts of the company. This is the beginning of the provision of crucial management information that will help in business decision making. If the enterprise software program cannot deliver this, then it will be deemed to be a failure.
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Integrating Enterprise Software within Non Technological Business

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Enterprise Software Working Collaboratively

The key to a good enterprise software program is that it enables the various sections of the organization to work better together. In this example the operation of a healthcare unit is viewed from the perspective of a business planner and a computer technician.

From the business delivery point of view, it is important that patients get clinical services at the earliest opportunity. A physician might think that the key to this object is making sure that the doctors do not get bogged down by the requirements of the enterprise software system. Typically the health administration officials will encounter various arguments from doctors as to why they should never be involved in enterprise software development.

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