Solar Power Can Be Yours With Nothing Down

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Everyone understands how great solar power is. It is a clean source of energy. This means that it creates no pollution when it is harnessed or when it is distributed. It is also renewable as the solar power comes directly from the sun. The one problem with solar energy has been that the panels were too costly, and they were not efficient enough. In recent years. the efficiency of the panels has increased dramatically. This means that you can now get enough solar power to run your entire house. This leaves the problem of the cost of the panels.

A Southern California company named Verengo Solar has solved this problem with a new business model that allows everyone a chance to benefit from solar power. They have developed a business model that is based upon leasing the solar panels. This eliminates the initial investment of buying the solar panels yourself and creates an opportunity for many people to harness the sun for the first time.

Verengo Solar can visit your home and give you a free estimate of what will be required. Not every home is ideal. Here in Southern California, the amount of sun that is received is perfect for solar power, but your home will also need to have enough space on the roof for the required number of panels. The roof will need to be at a certain pitch facing east, west or south. Most roofs will work well with panels. A bigger issue for home owners will be too much shade on the roof from trees. A sales representative from Verengo Solar will be able to determine whether your roof will be sufficient for a solar energy system to be installed.

Basically the way the Verengo Solar business model works is they install the panels for you and get the system up and running. You will then pay Verengo Solar a monthly amount based upon your energy usage. Instead of your electric bill being paid to your local power company, it is Verengo Solar that receives the payment.

There are several advantages to using the solar lease model. The first benefit is that you, the home owner, will be paying less for electricity. This lower rate will be locked in for several years, so you will not have to worry about utility price hikes in the future. You never have to think about repairs or replacements for your panels because Verengo Solar will take care of any problem that develops.

The cost of the panels and installation can be as little as zero dollars, depending upon factors such as government rebates and other financial options. In fact, the only barrier to being able to start the process of having a solar system installed in your home will be a poor credit rating.

Once you have your system installed you will not only enjoy lower electricity costs, but will be joining the ranks of people contributing to the growing use of clean energy. Each person who switches to solar power helps to ease the pressure to build another electrical power plant. In addition, if you need to sell your home, having a solar power system installed will increase the value of your property. Electricity costs will be locked in with solar leasing.

Call today or go to the Verengo Solar website to use their online submission form to receive further information.

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