Save Money by Switching to Residential Solar Power

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Residential solar power is the option more and more homeowners are looking into as they attempt to reduce their monthly energy costs. Now that it is a viable and affordable option, homeowners see now downside in making the switch. Third party energy provides continuously hike up their prices, and, at least until recently, there has not been much consumers could do about it. The energy provider would raise their prices, consumers would complain but then eventually realize they did not really have any other options, and then the consumer would eventually give in and have to pay the higher price. Now, that is no longer the case in many areas.

Companies like Verengo Solar now provide residential solar power system installation and maintenance services to some of the most highly populated areas in the United States, including California, New Jersey, and New York. As a leader in residential solar across the nation, Verengo is able to offer free consultations to those considering making the switch to residential solar power, zero money down to those who decide to make the switch, and even referral money to those who make the switch and refer others to do the same.

Verengo Solar is now offering homeowners a way to combat electric companies and energy providers and their high monthly bills. By installing their own residential solar power system, homeowners are essentially cutting out the middle man (or, at the very least, greatly reducing the reach of the middle man) by generating their own power. With a solar power system which utilizes solar panels with photovoltaic cells to capture sunlight and convert it to usable energy, the home has its own source of energy.

An important thing to consider here is that solar energy is completely renewable. Most energy sources rely on fossil fuels, and fossil fuels are non renewable resources. This means that, over time, as the supply of non renewable resources dwindles, their price will increase. These non renewable resources are also subject to large swings and fluctuations in the marketplace as a result of supply and demand. Then, when the supply begins to dwindle and the marketplace begins to take notice, the demand—and the price—of these resources will soar. Without alternative energy sources, the consumer would be at the mercy of whichever energy provider they have and whatever prices it wanted to charge.

Now, since a residential solar power system captures renewable energy from the sun, the homeowner will not have to worry about such fluctuations. Companies like Verengo Solar will offer free consultations for homeowners in order to determine the best system for their home to save them money. The installation is completed with no money down, and, after that, whatever the monthly payment is replaces what used to be an out of control energy bill. Then, once the solar power system is paid off, the payments stop and the energy bill stays away.

Once seen as a passing fad or something beneficial only to large corporations with acres of land and rooftop square footage, solar power systems with solar panels is now a viable option for homeowners. These solar panels not only capture sunlight and convert it to usable energy, but they can now also store that energy for later use. Modules of solar panels are connected via arrays, and those modules are connected to inverters, which are used to convert the direct current (the energy captured by the solar panels) to alternating current (the form used by the household).Once the energy passes through the inverter and is converted, it is ready to be transferred to the home and either used or stored.

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