Solar Power Can Be Yours With Nothing Down

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Everyone understands how great solar power is. It is a clean source of energy. This means that it creates no pollution when it is harnessed or when it is distributed. It is also renewable as the solar power comes directly from the sun. The one problem with solar energy has been that the panels were too costly, and they were not efficient enough. In recent years. the efficiency of the panels has increased dramatically. This means that you can now get enough solar power to run your entire house. This leaves the problem of the cost of the panels.

A Southern California company named Verengo Solar has solved this problem with a new business model that allows everyone a chance to benefit from solar power. They have developed a business model that is based upon leasing the solar panels. This eliminates the initial investment of buying the solar panels yourself and creates an opportunity for many people to harness the sun for the first time.

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Making Positive Changes

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In recent solar energy news, California is still holding strong to its title as the nation’s leader in solar energy usage. According to a report released by GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industries Association, the Golden State is ranked number one when it comes to solar power distribution. This grip on being the leading producer of solar energy is in part due to the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard. These standards vary from state to state but in California the aim is to have 33% of its energy come from renewable resources by the year 2030. At this present rate, they may reach that goal in advance.

Of course, required standards are not the only thing pushing California to the top of the solar energy list. Many of the individuals which reside in the state are very supportive of the effort to go green and utilize solar energy. There is a lot of pride in being part of a goal that helps reduce a negative environmental impact. For the Edmondson family, supporting their state’s goals was part of the motivation to have solar panels installed on their home.  Another motivation was how incredibly easy the process seemed to be. Many of their fellow neighbors had recently had their homes equipped with solar panels and were pleased with the experience they had with Verengo Solar. The Edmondson’s knew all of their neighbors could not be wrong and made a phone call to the solar panel installation company.

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