Leading Benefits of Bakersfield Residential Solar Systems

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With the increasing cost of electricity, it’s no wonder why so many homeowners are searching for ways to reduce their energy needs. Installing energy efficient appliances, better insulation, and windows are steps in the right direction. However, if are ready to make an improvement that will dramatically change how much you spend on your monthly utility bills with the potential to completely eliminate the need for conventional electricity, then Bakersfield residential solar is worth considering.

Once installed, solar energy systems provide an efficient source of energy for decades. Therefore, the primary concern of most people considering solar is the upfront cost. Fortunately, the 30% federal solar tax credit plus a number of state incentives programs assist in reducing the upfront cost so that homeowners with various income levels can afford to make the switch.

The long-term savings that you will gain from a Bakersfield residential solar system is what will have the greatest effect on your bank account. Imagine opening up your utility bill to see a zero balance. This is possible with a solar installation that meets all of your energy requirements.

You can customize your installation to meet your personal energy goals. For instance, if you’d like to reduce your energy costs by 50%, a solar specialist at Verengo will recommend the most suitable system for your home. You can begin with a modest solar investment that will help in offsetting your monthly energy costs or can completely overhaul how you supply your home with energy by installing a solar system that meets 100% (or more) of your energy needs. If your system produces more energy than you can use in a month, you will be able to take advantage of the Net Energy Metering program in California that allows homeowners to earn credit or cash back for any surplus energy that your solar system produces.

There are many additional benefits of Bakersfield residential solar systems. For example, many homeowners are worried that solar panels will damage their roof. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Solar panels actually protect the portion of the roof that they cover. If your roof is ever in need of repair, the panels can be temporarily removed with ease. You will also discover that your solar system requires very little maintenance. A cleaning once a year or so is required to optimize the efficiency of the panels. Otherwise, solar energy systems do not have any moving parts and will provide you with hassle-free way to harness energy for many years to come.

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