Enterprise Software Risks – Testing of the Enterprise Software System

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Enterprise Software Risks – Testing of the Enterprise Software System

Enterprise Software Issues

It is not always good news when it comes to enterprise software projects. In fact there are plenty of current examples where the scheme has gone sour for one reason or another. The key to understanding the reasons for failure is to look at the planning and implementation process. A careful review will show that the risks were ignored or underplayed.

Meanwhile the benefits will be over stated and a rosy picture of the enterprise software will emerge such that projects are unable to continue with any level of effectiveness. There is complexity within enterprise software initiatives and that is when the problems can start to arise. Not many organizations have the capacity to deal with complexity. They either attempt to simplify things and therefore lose the quality element or they might stop using that particular part of technology.

At the definition stage when the parameters of the enterprise software project are being set, there is a risk that irrelevant matters will take a front seat and push out the priorities. The vested priorities of other parts of the business will have to be controlled in order to ensure that the enterprise software is still following the business plan. At this stage the teams will start to identify the functionality that they want from the system. Unfortunately it is not possible to satisfy everybody so the risk of conflict begins to rise. If the company takes a strategy that is based on appeasement they might end up building a project that is far too large for their management capacity.

Other Problems

That is how one gets enterprise software products that have so many functionality but are unable to do a single one of them properly. Overloading the system with demands from every quarter of the company is unlikely to produce products that can stand up to scrutiny. One then might decide to come to a conclusion that an executive decision will remove all the inherent conflict and settle the matter. Enterprise software is then designed with the express intention to honor the commitments that have been made during the consultation process.

When it comes to the selection of a supplier, there are risks associated with the capacity to deliver good quality products. Some vendors are quite happy to boast of their ability to deliver according to the specification of the client but when it comes to collecting on the contract they will fall flat on their faces. The company is then left with the unenviable task of firefighting the resultant issues which can completely paralyze the system. One should have a commissioning department that is able to weed out such bids that have no realistic chance of success before they bring failure to the company.

The actual delivery and testing of the enterprise software system will carry the risk of not having a best fit plan or not delivery all the services that are considered to be essential for the smooth running of the company. While people request for bespoke enterprise software plans, the delivery is not always up to the task.

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